CNC Waterjet controler-3 Axis

Independently controler; Industrial computer based on Windows; Naiky professional control card and motion card;All stainless steel structure; Wiresless keyboard and mouse; Intel dual-core CPU, 3 USB;Remote assist available from producer;flexiable moving wheels

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Food print-(L X W): 760X600mm;     Height(With tube):1350mm;     Weight(Tank Empty):250kgs

Standard Model Spes.

RAM:4GB;     Hard Disk: 1T;     Type: 3 axis(XYZ);    CPU:Intel Dual-Core;    USB: 3;    Screen: 19 inch;     System: Window;    Servos: Yaskawa/Wise/Panasonic/Esa


1, Leadin  & lead-out setting in software 

2, Manual and Auto 

3, DXF,NC,CNC,G CODES accept

4, Easy operation: NCstudio/ESA/ECS control for choose, programm easy and opertaion simple. cutting parameters date inside control

5, SERVOS: ALL servos in XYZ, M2,CANOpen and EtherCAT communication

6,Pressure can be adjustable in control system from 0-380mpa any time and any points. Save energy in cutting different materials

7,All alarms show in software


More details,please download ONEJET WATERJET CNC-3X

Onejet Waterjet
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