Waterjet Cutting Technology


Because it is widely used and easy to operate, waterjet cutting is the fastest growing machine tool processing technology in the world. Manufacturers realize that in fact, the cutting capability of water jet is unlimited. The processing workshop of all sizes realized that the use of ultra high pressure waterjet resulted in higher efficiency and productivity. The waterjet has become a machine tool for many processing workshops. Because sand waterjet cutting technology was first invented in the 80s of last century, the technology has rapidly entered into continuous research and development.
  What makes water waterjet cutting technology so popular? To assist the operation of a water jet, resulting in no heating area, no heat deformation or other cutting methods of mechanical deformation can produce mesh parts to narrow gap processing, can make better use of raw materials, because multiple parts can be tightly nested together. In fact, water jet can cut any material and keep the incision smooth. These advantages add up to significant cost savings for each part of the industry, which traditionally is defined according to hourly cost.


Onejet Waterjet
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