ONEJET WATERJET Notice of New Years Day Service Arrangement


Notice of New Year's Day Service Arrangement

                                                             -----from ONEJET WATERJET TEAM   2020-12-18

Dear Valued Users, respected customers, our dependable partners and Distributors,our friends:

    It is the end of 2020. We would like to say thanks to all of you in 2020. You really did a great job together with ONEJET in 2020.

    Thanks to our valued users who chosen Onejet waterjet cutting machine as your industrial processing; thanks to our respected customers who asked  ONEJET waterjet cutting machines and solutions; thanks to our reliable partners and distributors who promoted/sold ONEJET waterjet cutting machines, did installation, made well service together with ONEJET WATERJET TEAM;thanks to our friends who were supporting us like always.

    2020 was a hard and difficult year for the whole world market because of COVID-19. It is too hard to get sales enlarged.But ONEJET with your support and trust, we did a not too bad business, actually, we made some increasing in 2020.

    We updated many techs in our waterjet machine in 2020. ONEJET WATERJET can be capacity with the CNC from USA Contronest. We developed new abrasive delivery system. We updated our food waterjet machine; we developed retention tank for wasted water from cutting table; we updated our five axis AC head, more accuracy, more stable with laser detecting device.....

    In 2021, we would like to enlarge our production. Our factory will be around 2000 square meters. We will continue to update our PUMP tech, 5 axis tech, robot waterjet, food waterjet, poratbel waterjet. And we will apply more patents. Of cousre, we will be doing well with our valued users, repetcted customers, dependable partners and distributors. 

    For the New Year's Day, we will have the following arrangement:

    Holidays: 01.01,2021-01.03,2021   three days off

    Durring these time, if you have any reqeust and service demand,you can call us: 0086-13246340779(whatsapp&telegram) or Wechat: 41617991 or email:

    Last, we wish all our valued user, respected customers, dependable partners & distributors, our friends a Happy New Year in 2021. Wish you all healthy and good business in 2021. Let us work together and make better in 2021.

                                                                                                                                                            ONEJET WATERJET TEAM



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