How much does water jet sand affect the service life of water jet nozzle?


   How much does water jet sand affect the service life of water jet nozzle?

from:  Date:2022-08-15

For water jets, both water jet sand/garnet and water jet Nozzle are commonly used consumables. In contrast, the price of water jet nozzle is much higher. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the water jet nozzle is about 150 hours, but due to certain factors in the actual use process, its service life often cannot reach this value.

    We all know that pomegranate sand is a sharp and sharp abrasive with great hardness, so it will cause certain wear to the water jet nozzle during use, which is one of the reasons why brown corundum is not recommended for water jet abrasives. Because the hardness of brown corundum is greater, the wear on the nozzle is greater, resulting in a lower life of the nozzle, and the entire use cost is much greater than that of garnet sand.

    Secondly, the main components of the water jet nozzle are tungsten and zirconium. Although they are very wear-resistant materials, their service life should also be determined according to the abrasive in use. Taking into account the characteristics of the abrasive itself, the wear of the nozzle is inevitable.

    In addition to this problem, the cleanness of the water jet sand also has a great influence on the quality of the water jet nozzle, because the water jet sand is not clean or contains too much dust, not only does not have the cutting effect, but also may cause the nozzle to be scrapped. The life of the water jet nozzle is drastically reduced, so be sure to buy a clean one with less dust.

    High-quality water jet sand has been magnetically separated, screened, washed and dried for many times, so it has strict quality control standards in terms of cleanliness and dust impurities, so that there will be no problems during its use. The water jet sand pipe has plug problems caused by dust and large particles, which helps to prolong the service life of the nozzle.

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