OJ-QSM-40-15-BH Portable waterjet machine

OJ-QSM-40-15-BH waterjet cutting machine  is a new type of portable pre-mixed abrasive water jet cutting equipment, which belongs to the field of cold cutting and is used in the cutting operation in the field of petrochemical oil;meets the explosion-proof requirements through spark test, static electricity detection and temperature detection.
The equipment can cut any material (excluding tempered glass, diamond and special hard alloy) with thickness of 0 ~ 20mm, and is used in the cutting and repairing process of petroleum pipelines and storage tanks.

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Product Detail

OJ-QSM-40-15-BH water cutting machine, which is part of the main engine system, provides high-pressure water jet for cutting operations. It requires auxiliary cutters (such as pipe cutters), torch assemblies and high and low pressure hoses to assist them and Complete the cutting operation.


               The cold cutting characteristics of ONEJET waterjet cutting machine and the cutting method with high efficiency and environmentally friendly can fundamentally eliminate 

               the risk of dangerous goods cutting and make the cutting operation of dangerous goods safe, simple and efficient. It is an epoch-making significance for the cutting field of 

               dangerous goods. ONEJET portable waterjet cutting machine has been widely used in many fields, such as petroleum, chemical industry, coal mine, weapon destruction, 

               emergency rescue,building industial and so on.

                Product Advantages: 

       1) The whole machine adopts full explosion-proof design, with the explosion-proof motor

       2) Lightweight structure, small size, with wheels, flexible move

       3) Equipped with Original high-performance plunger pump made in Italy

       4) Pre-mixing sand design, adjustable sand flow-rate for different cutting

       5) Powerful cutting, up to 20mm thick normal steel

       6) All accessories for meeting different cutting request in different area

       7) Safe valve and pressure adjusting valve are original from Italy

       8) Easy operation and less maintenance

       9) Long enough high pressure hoses, and long life

       10) Can be a cleaning machine; with only changing a nozzle, in rust cleaning, especially in shipping industrial


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